The Water Sources in Tuscany

The water sources are very numerous in the Tuscany and in the hills of the hinterland. In Tuscany, it is a well-established habit to finish the Sunday walk by getting water from a natural source.

It is common to see entire families, with their car stopped on the wayside, busy bottling water for their own supply. One just needs to be attentive, to be sure of the quality of the water you will bring home.

The waters that come from the mountains, have often maintained intact their properties and their taste, sometime very special, over time. In most cases, they are bottled directly at the fount to be sold and enjoyed all over the world.

Combining the right wine to the right food is no longer enough; the choice of the water has also now its importance. In the typical restaurants, it is becoming more and more a custom to present on the menu the water list next to the wine list. Yes, mineral waters have different tastes, which depend on the minerals they each contain.