Thermal Baths

The Thermal Baths, in the past years, were exclusively frequented for take care of specific pathologies. They are become today, real centers inside which it is important and improved the care of the body, also under the aspect of the beauty and the comfort in general. The thermal baths are considered, in a good part of the cases, sophisticated and modern beauty farm. In Tuscany, the thermal sources, are diffused and tourist centers have become, to which draws near also a different public from that traditional; The patient that desires to take care with natural cares and for this without side effects, is a public that has understood the importance of the comfort under all the aspect, or that he simply desires an holiday some different. They are available what means of thermal care, the sources of mineral waters that possess a reality therapeutic power, the muds used as therapeutic packager the natural caves in which waters solfurees gush out, etc.., creating an aqueous vapor that produces an effective thermal aerosol. The waters that gush out from the mountains, have maintained intact in the time their ownerships and her own taste, at times very particular, and are directly bottled to the source to be sold and you taste all over the world. In the typical restaurants, close to the wines' list, he is spreading more and more the habit to introduce the waters' list.

Thermal Bath Locality Address Phone
Terme di Bagni di Lucca Bagni di Lucca Piazza San Martino, 11 (LU) +39 0583 87221
Terme Valle del Sole Campiglia Marittima Loc. Venturina (LI) +39 0565 851066
Terme di Casciana Casciana Terme Piazza Garibaldi, 9 (PI) +39 0587 64461
Nuove Terme San Filippo Catiglione d'Orcia Fraz. Bagni San Filippo (SI) +39 0577 872982
Terme di Chianciano Chianciano Terme Via delle Rose, 12 (SI) +39 0578 68111
Terme della Versilia Cinquale Villa Undulna - Via Gramsci, 2 (MS) +39 0585 807255
Terme di Equi Equi Terme Via Noce Verde (MS) +39 0585 949300
Terme di Montepulciano Fraz. Sant'Albino Via delle Terme, 46 (SI) +39 0578 7911
Gambassi Terme Gambassi Terme Piazza Di Vittorio, 1 (FI) +39 0571 638141
Terme Impruneta - Firenze Impruneta Via Cassia, 217 (FI) +39 055 2020151
San Carlo Terme Massa Via dei Colli San Carlo Terme (MS) +39 0585 42171
Monsummano Terme Monsummano Terme Via G. Giusti, 1411 (PT) +39 0572 90771
Terme di Montecatini Montecatini Terme Viale Giuseppe Verdi, 41 (PT) +39 0572 7781
Terme Monticiano Monticiano Monticiano (SI) +39 0577 757104
Terme di San Giovanni Portoferraio Isola d'Elba (LI) +39 0565 914680
Terme Radicondoli Radicondoli Radicondoli (SI) +39 0577 793151
Rapolano Terme Rapolano Terme Rapolano Terme (SI) +39 0577 724091
San Casciano dei Bagni San Casciano Dei Bagni San Casciano Dei Bagni (SI) +39 0578 57241
Terme di San Giuliano San Giuliano Terme Largo Shelley, 18 (PI) +39 050 818047
Terme di Bagno Vignoni San Quirico d'Orcia Fraz. Bagno Vignoni (SI) +39 0577 887365
Terme di Saturnia Saturnia Via della Follonata (GR) +39 0564 601061
Parco Termale Uliveto Uliveto Terme Via Provinciale Vicarese, 120 (PI) +39 050 788686